Makeup artist interview with Hannah Kemp

Makeup artists love to know the inside scoop from other fellow makeup artists to learn from how they work and what tips we can pick up. It is a never-ending process of learning! This week we meet Hannah Kemp, who is a makeup artist I met at MAC cosmetics. Hannah creates colourful, glamorous makeup looks.

How did you start out in makeup?

I was in college studying fine art and found myself wanting to create art on faces...that’s when my ideas and aspiration to become a makeup artist started...I began practising on my friends then finally decided to take a makeup and hair design course to increase my level of expertise and knowledge. When I got the job at MAC you (Lisa) were the one who took my trade test in MAC Southampton?! I don’t know if you remember (Of course I remember!)

Hannah second from left with her MAC team in Debenhams Cardiff

Hannah second from left with her MAC team in Debenhams Cardiff

Hannah Kemp makeup artist @ MAC cosmetics, Debenhams Cardiff

Hannah Kemp makeup artist @ MAC cosmetics, Debenhams Cardiff

A day in the life of...What does an average day consist of?

I work Monday to Friday in probably the coolest office ever at Spectrum Brushes HQ. I help with customer queries most of the time and occasionally create makeup tutorials for their social media which is super fun and I love the variety!

What is your signature style in your work or is this your favourite thing to do in makeup?

I would definitely say WARM toned eyeshadow, whether that be supernatural and subtle or bright orange I always persuade the client to add a hint of warmth in their routine, could be a little bronzer through the socket or a peachy cheek. I’m always rocking an orange eye myself.

Name your favourite products :

Skincare: Alpha H liquid gold

Foundation: Armani luminous silk

Concealer: Tarte shape tape

Mascara: MAC extended play

Eyeshadow: palette would be Morphe single would be MAC rule

Eyeliner: MAC Costa Riche

Lip product: MAC pure zen

Brush: Spectrum B06 blending brush

What should every woman own in her makeup bag?

MAC fix +

What's your advice to someone wanting to be a makeup artist?

Practice on every single skin tone, type, age, EVERYONE. This will help them overcome challenges along the way. Practice different types of makeup, not everyone will want the same look AND just experience in general, watch other working makeup artists and research online!

Hannah Kemp makeup artist for BTS Spectrum collections

Hannah Kemp makeup artist for BTS Spectrum collections

BTS for Spectrum collections

BTS for Spectrum collections

What’s been your OMG wake me up, pinch me am I dreaming moment?

Working for Spectrum Collections, being able to still create makeup and linking that to my love of social media whilst still working with customers. I worked on my first shoot with them was so amazing. I sometimes wonder how I even fell into it!

What is the greatest challenge you have overcome in your career?

Leaving MAC cosmetics. It was scary because it was all I ever knew. It was my comfort zone and I was scared if I left I couldn’t find anything better. Turns out it was the best decision I ever made BUT MAC truly shaped me as an artist and I wouldn’t be the makeup artist I am today without them!

Scenario: You have arrived at a job, your case has gone missing at the airport. You have 15mins to grab essentials. What are your 5 essentials do you pick up to complete the look?

1. Moisturiser 2. Concealer 3. Brow pencil 4. Mascara 5. Lipstick for lips & cheek & eye 😂 this is so hard!!!!!

How do you like to organise your kit?

In clear bags, so I can see everything. Then In category’s of foundations, skincare, etc

What trend should be left behind in 2019?

Using bright orange concealer when you have lighter skin!!!!!!

Where can we follow you online?

@hannahkempmakeupartist on Instagram and on YouTube :)

Thank you for your time and sharing with us, it is greatly appreciated!


Lisa x