Building your makeup kit: Top 10 skincare essentials

Skincare is the starting point of ANY makeup application and it's my job as a makeup artist to help clients achieve beautiful flawless skin whatever the skin type. Skin is a makeup artists canvas, so having an understanding of skin is essential and being able to use skincare effectively will allow for the makeup to look it's best; this is an integral part of our job. 

Products must be applied deliberately to have an effect on the texture, hydration, clarity and brightness of the skin. How it is applied also counts, from pressing product in, to knowing how to layer products from lighter to heavier textures and giving a message to structure the face through lymphatic drainage and give a radiance to the skin. 

Here are my go-to essentials that stay well stocked in my kit

1 Bioderma Sensibio H2O Pump Reverse

The must-have cleanser that now has a handy pump! This is always my step one, ensuring skin is clean and any previous makeup remnants are removed, I am sure you are all too familiar with stubborn mascara- oh the joys of removing it.

2 Pixi Glow Tonic

This swiped over the skin with cotton releases a glowing complexion! It grabs on to dry skin texture and kindly removes it leaving a glowing radiant skin. Models and clients alike live busy lives which can show on the skin this gets rid of any visible dryness effortlessly. For super dry parts around the nose or between the brows use with a cotton bud or sponge for extra friction.


3 Caudalie Beauty Elixir

Post-cleanse this will be your first step, to spritz and drench the skin. It gives instant radiance and allows products following it to absorb readily into the skin. As a side note, the smell instantly relaxes you with is signature peppermint oil scent. 

4 Avene Thermal Spring Water

This will calm any redness or irritation by soothing and cooling all while hydrating. Makeup artists do not always have access to running water this is a good product to have on hand whether you need to cleanse the skin or dampen your beauty blender and sheer product textures.

5 Hada Labo Tokyo Anti-Aging Lotion - Super Hydrator

This lightweight serum is packed with 4 types of hyaluronic acid. The unique formulation helps to hydrate dry and dehydrated skin and works on all skin types! I use this on pretty much everyone, it's one of the key ingredients for glowing skin.

6 Weleda skin food

This is a rich emollient based formula that must be warmed up before application to ensure great for a normal to dry skin. I generally apply this to the outer parameters of the face using remnants of the product on the t zone area. Skinfood is the perfect multitasker as it also creates a beautiful highlight for a dewy non-glitter look. Ensure to warm this up well in your hands before application as the formula has a high viscosity.

7 Murad oil control balm

This balm gives smooth skin texture as well as tackling oil on the skin so great for grooming or a no-makeup makeup look! It gives a matte texture that allows you to layer products on top.

8 La Roche posay CICAPLAST BAUME B5 soothing repair

This is suitable for super sensitive or great for those who have eczema, broken out or have acne have dryness in areas, it’s a gentle formula that doesn't irritate the skin. It sticks everything down that cannot be removed and allows you to apply other products on top.

9 MAC Fast Eye Response Cream

This caffeine and silicone infused formula works wonders as smoothing and depuffing under the eyes. It works its magic under the eyes in a few minutes. I also like to use this as a corrector on a cotton bud or a makeup brush to edit makeup as it doesn't leave a smudge it simply lifts the product off the skin.

10 Boirion Homeoplasmine Ointment

A great matte lip balm that I use when doing grooming or to layer on top of a matte lipstick. This is also great for any irritations on the skin as it soothes, yet isn't shiny or oily and is fragrance-free!

Here is a shopable link that has all the products in one place. There are so many more products that are amazing, I love skincare and I am always exploring new formulas and products. It is all a science and I liken it to cooking, every ingredient has a specific purpose that can impact the final result. I would love to hear what skincare heroes you use in your makeup kit. Let me know what area of my kit I should share with you!